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Impact Materials

Impact Materials define what effects will occur when objects collide with each other. You can create a new Impact Material by going to Assets > Create > Impact CFX > Material.

The Material Tags property defines the Impact Tags associated with this material. Other materials will use these tags to determine what effects to play when colliding with an object that has this material.

Impact Materials contain a list of Effect Sets. Effect Sets define the group of effects that will occur based on the Impact Tags of the object being collided with.

Effect Sets have the following properties:

  • Name – An editor-only name for the effect set.
  • Include Tags – Tags that must be present on the input tags for this effect set to be used.
    • Exact – If checked, the input tags must exactly match the selected tags for the effect set to be used. Otherwise the effect set will be used if any of the tags are present.
  • Exclude Tags – Any tags that, if present on the input tags, will cause the effect set to be ignored.
    • Exact – If checked, the input tags must exactly match the selected tags for the effect set to be ignored. Otherwise the effect set will be ignored if at least one of the tags is present.
  • Effects – The list of effects that will be played for this effect set.

Impact Materials also have Fallback Tags, which will be used when the input tags are not known.