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Impact Materials
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Impact Raycasting
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Impact CFX Documentation

Welcome to the Impact CFX documentation! Use the navigation bar on the left to pick a topic.

If you are just starting out, you can watch the Getting Started tutorial video to get yourself up and running.

If you are converting from the old Impact Physics Interaction System, please take a look at the Legacy Impact Comparison and Conversion From Legacy Impact sections to help you convert your project to Impact CFX, if desired.

Impact CFX Extensions

The following is a quick reference of all available official extensions and integrations. 3rd Party Integrations are integration packages for 3rd party systems. Impact CFX Extensions are extension packages for supporting official Unity packages like URP and HDRP, and the VFX Graph

3rd Party Integrations Impact CFX Extensions
FMOD Integration URP and HDRP Decals
Wwise Integration VFX Graph
Master Audio Integration