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Impact Objects

Impact Objects are components that you attach to the objects in your game’s world to specify their material, so that other objects (and other parts of your game) know how to interact with them.

Most Impact Objects have the same 2 properties:

  • Material – The Impact Material used by the object.
  • Priority – Impact uses object pools for its Audio, Particle, and Decal interactions. So, there may be times where an object needs to, for example, play a collision sound, but all of the audio sources in the pool are currently being used. Priority can be used to ensure that certain objects will always play their interactions, even if it requires "stealing" resources that are already in use.

Impact Object Single Material

Impact Object Single Material is the simplest type of Impact Object, with a single material used for the object. It is most suited for static objects and level geometry. You can add this script to your objects by going to Add Component > Impact > Impact Object Single Material.

Impact Object Rigidbody

Impact Object Rigidbody is an Impact Object used for objects that have a Rigidbody or Rigidbody2D. You can add this script to your objects by going to Add Component > Impact > Impact Object Rigidbody.

Rigidbodies with Multiple Materials

It is possible to have a Rigidbody made up of objects with different materials. Simply add an Impact Object component to each child object and set its Material. You can add an Impact Object to individual colliders, or to a game object with multiple colliders as children.

Impact Terrain

Impact Terrain is a special Impact Object for handling Terrains. It allows you to specify a material for each terrain layer on your terrain. You can add this script to your terrain by going to Add Component > Impact > Impact Terrain.

The Refresh Terrain Layers button will manually re-sync the terrain’s layers with the data stored in the Impact Terrain script.