Impact CFX is a powerful and flexible material-based collision effects system for producing effects such as audio, particles, and decals from physics collisions and raycasts.

Impact CFX can be used for a wide variety of applications from collisions, to footsteps, to weapon impacts.

Impact Triggers

Modular and highly configurable physics trigger components allow you to pick and choose exactly how you want to trigger your effects.

• Triggers for single collisions.

• Triggers for sliding and rolling.

• Triggers for particle collisions.

• API for triggering interactions from Raycasts.

• Components for both 3D and 2D physics.

• Use material compositions to blend materials together (great for terrains).

Impact Objects

Easily set up any kind of object to be ready for Impact CFX.

• Static objects like level geometry.

• Rigidbodies (Both 3D and 2D).

• Complex Rigidbodies that have children with different materials.

• Rigidbodies connected by joints.

• Terrains.

• Ragdolls.

Impact Materials

Impact CFX's flexible materials system allows you to set up effects exactly how you want.

• Create as many materials as you need.

• Create Effect Sets to group related effects together.

• Include and Exclude tags allow you to specify exactly when effects will be played.

Impact CFX Manager

Use the Impact CFX Manager to configure the Impact CFX system.

Material Mapping

Map from Physics Materials to Impact Materials, so you don't need to add Impact components to every object.

Audio, Particle, and Decal Effects

Impact CFX comes with 3 different types of effects: Audio Effects for playing sounds, Particle Effects for showing particle systems, and Decal Effects for placing decals in the world.

Integrations & Extensions

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