The Ritual is a virtual reality puzzle game where the player must complete a series of tasks to satisfy the guardians' desire to restrengthen the seal.

The Ritual was designed for Global Game Jam 2016, and involves the player completing a series of 3 tasks all for the greater good.

  • Virtual Reality:
    Utilizing the Oculus Rift to deliver a mind-blowing sense of scale and power.

  • Puzzles:
    Consisting of 3 hand-crafted puzzles in a logical sequence makes you feel as if you are fulfilling a purpose.

  • Audio:
    Audio is a huge part of the VR experience, and we have delivered with voice acting, convincing sound effects, and to tie it all together, a beautiful ambient soundtrack.


You can download The Ritual here.

  • Windows 7 or later on 64bit Architecture
  • Oculus Runtime 0.8.0


The Ritual is also available as a room on VRChat, so come join us in completing The Ritual!