Build the miniature golf course of your dreams in MiniGolf Maker. Create your course with an unprecedented level of customizability and detail, and Share your course with the world on the Steam Workshop. Play locally or online with up to 8 friends.


Craft your own beautiful and challenging courses with MiniGolf Maker's one-of-a-kind Course Creator.

Build Your Greens

Shape your greens exactly how you want them. You have full control of the shape and size of each piece. No more being bound by a limited number of pre-made pieces!

Create Your Environment

Customize your environment from the skies to the earth. Mix and match scenery from 7 unique themes: Desert, Halloween, Medieval, Winter, Pirate, Dreamscape, and Polyworld.

Make Your Course Move

Add dynamic challenges to your course with a powerful Behaviors and Events system.

Make Your Own Mods

Use the MiniGolf Maker Modding tools to mod in your own custom objects, music, and styles!

Share With The World

Share your courses and mods with the world on the Steam Workshop.


Play With Friends

Play locally or online with up to 8 of your friends!

Power Up

Utilize 12 unique power-ups to give yourself an edge or thwart other players!

Multiple Gamemodes

Take turns in Classic mode for a more relaxed game or go all at the same time in Blitz mode.


MiniGolf Maker comes bundled with 8 official 18-hole courses, all made using the Course Creator, plus many more on the Steam Workshop!


Talk and share with other mini-golfers.