Ice Rage is a high-speed, reflex-based infinite runner set on the arctic planet of Frosticus. Try to achieve a high score by going as far and as fast as you can, all while dodging icy obstacles and a ruthless attacking aircraft.

Ice Rage was developed over the course of 3 months by Kevin Somers and Rich Bennett of Road Turtle Games.

  • Controls:
    - Use A and D or the Left and Right arrow keys to move your speedboat.
    - Use Q and E to quickly dodge.

  • Gameplay:
    - Dodge icebergs and avoid the attacking aircraft.
    - Collect Ice Crystals to get points.
    - Go through Speed Rings to temporarily escape the enemy aircraft.
    - The faster you go, the more points you earn.
    - Travel farther to level up. Each new level rewards an extra life and increases the value of Ice Crystals, but also increases the difficulty.

Play It!

Play Ice Rage online using the Unity WebGL player.