0z-bt is an exploratory puzzle-platformer game where you control 0z-bt, a solitary robot left in a strange environment with some mysterious device atop a floating island. You must find a way to reach and destroy this device.

0z-bt was created over the course of 48 hours in 2015 by Sean Sackowitz, Kevin Somers, Rich Bennett, and Camlin Ard.

  • Controls:
    - Use WASD to move and use the mouse to look around.
    - Press the Spacebar to jump.
    - (Only when the Grappling Hook has been obtained) Press E to use the grappling hook when aiming at a grapple-able object.
    - (Only when the Tractor Beam has been obtained) Press Q to use the Tractor Beam when aiming at a pullable object.
    - (Only when the Destroyer has been obtained) Press F to use the Destroyer when next to the device.

  • Gameplay:
    - Explore the world to find items to help you reach and destroy the mysterious device.
    - At the end of every day, the device resets you to your starting point, however you keep any items you have collected.

Play It!

Play 0z-bt online using the Unity WebGL player.